Security Issues In Old Properties

Old properties have a distinct charm and a rich history. Yet, when it comes to security, they often fall short. Why? Due to outdated construction materials, wear and tear, and old-fashioned security systems. As a homeowner or potential buyer of such a property, it’s essential to be aware of these security issues in old properties and the solutions.

Top Security Issues in Old Properties

1. Outdated Locks and Keys

Many old properties still have their original locks, which might be easier to pick or break. Moreover, older locks often have wear and tear, making them more susceptible to malfunctioning. Upgrading to modern, high-security locks can be an immediate solution.

2. Window Vulnerabilities

Older windows might not shut securely or could be made from thin glass, easily breakable. Some even lack locks or have very basic latching systems. This makes them a prime target for burglars.

3. Weakened Door Frames

Over the years, door frames can deteriorate. This means even if you have a strong lock, the door itself can be easily kicked in. Reinforcing door frames can mitigate this risk.

4. Lack of Modern Security Systems

Many old homes aren’t equipped with security cameras, alarms, or smart lock technology. Adding modern security measures can drastically reduce the risk of break-ins.

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FAQs on Old Property Security

What are the most common security flaws in old houses?

Many old houses suffer from outdated locks, weakened door frames, vulnerable windows, and a lack of modern security systems.

How often should I change locks in an old property?

It’s advisable to rekey or change your locks when you move into an old property and then assess their condition every few years thereafter.

Are smart locks suitable for old properties?

Absolutely. Smart locks provide enhanced security and convenience. Before installation, it’s important to ensure the door and frame can support it. You might need some modifications, but the benefits of smart locks are well worth it.

Can I use security cameras in a heritage property?

Yes, but with care. It’s essential to ensure that installing security cameras doesn’t damage the property or alter its historical value.


Old properties, while charming, can pose several security challenges. But with the right knowledge and expertise, these issues can be addressed. If you own or are considering purchasing an older property, don’t overlook its security vulnerabilities. Contact us at Speedy Locks Markham for expert advice and services. Whether it’s upgrading to a keyless entry system or ensuring you have the best emergency locksmith on call, we’ve got you covered. Protect your home’s legacy and ensure its safety for years to come.

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