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Homeowners usually come to our assistance for lock replacement services.

This is the method used for broken or damaged locks.

Of course, if your locks are no longer functioning, you need to replace them.

If not, you are risking the safety of your family and the valuable things inside your property.

If you are from Markham, we can provide you these services.

Speedy Locks is a mobile locksmith company in Markham that offers various services regarding locks and security.

First and foremost, before we proceed to the replacement proper, let us get to know first everything about lock replacement services.

Replacing vs. Rekeying

These two methods are usually interchanged.

While both of them does change, they have significant differences you need to know.

Both ways ensure that the old keys will not access the lock anymore—that is for sure.

The method that we will use on your locks will depend on the severity of the damage.

We will assess your lock, then determine the right course of action.

Lock Replacement

Lock replacement is the most comprehensive way to guarantee that the older locks are no longer usable.

It is the most trusted way to ensure your security, especially after a break-in.

The process involves removing the lock, then installing a new one.

It means that the whole process involves ultimate changing; the entire lock will be changed, not just the parts.

Lock Rekeying

Meanwhile, lock rekeying only changes the parts.

The lock is still the same, but the internal components (specifically the pins) are changed.

This method is the most common way of lock replacement if the lock has not been too damaged.

The process of changing involves pin and realignment inside the lock.

The lock is still the same, but the internal mechanism is already new.

Along with the lock rekey is a new set of keys, too.

Both methods, lock replacement and rekeying, are easy to perform.

In fact, you can conduct a do-it-yourself if you wish to do so.

When to Choose Lock Replacement Services?

As mentioned earlier, you need to conduct lock replacement services if the damage to the lock can no longer be fixed.

For instance, all the mechanisms of your lock are unusually moving.

Inserting a key to access the lock might result in furthering the damage.

If the key and lock no longer work together, lock replacement is necessary.

Lock rekey can no longer solve this issue.

Moreover, if the lock is old enough to function, you also need to replace them.

Similar to other things, locks come to an end.

There will be a time that you will stop working, requiring you to change them.

Furthermore, you should consider lock replacement services should be done if your keys have been lost or stolen.

One of the best decisions you will make if you have lost your keys or got them stolen is to change your locks immediately.

By doing this, you are eliminating all the possibilities of intrusion using those lost keys.

If there are any dangerous motives, they will not work successfully because the locks have been changed, working on different keys.

Please take note that it also applies to a break-in encounter.

This traumatic situation will totally improve your security and put your mind at ease.

When to Choose Lock Rekeying Services?

On the other hand, lock rekeying is for favorable situations.

You rekey your locks if you have just purchased a new house, you should consider rekeying the existing locks.

It is to make sure that the previous owners or anyone who might have access can no longer open the lock.

What’s more, lock rekeying can also be an option if your keys have been lost.

It just depends if the lock can still manage to get rekeyed.

Choose the Best Service

Whether you choose lock rekeying or lock replacement services, your top priority should be safety.

Always think of what will make you feel more safe and secured.

Assess your house, the lock, and the current situation you are in before deciding.

Lock Replacement Services at Speedy Locks

We offer lock replacement services at Speedy Locks.

We offer better security for your house with our high-security options.

For more information, let us talk about them through call!

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