Master Key Lock System

Master Key Lock System

With a master key lock system equipped in your property, you can access and control all the locks using only one key.

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Sounds fantastic, right?

A master key lock system is a new way of monitoring security efficiently.

It regulates access to zones and locations.

Also, it enables access controls to different rooms in a building.

This system is truly hassle-free, perfect for property owners who want to organize their tenants and employees.

Speedy Locks can install a master key lock system for you if you like!

Locking Systems

Before that, let us take a look at the several locking systems to emphasize their distinct qualities.

There are the four:

  1. Keyed Alike – This system operates with two or more locks with the same key.
  2. Central Locking – Two or more keys operate one lock and individual locks; they are usually used in apartments.
  3. Master Keyed – All locks operate by a set of individual keys and a master key; each key has its own lock, but the master key can access all locks.
  4. Grandmaster Keyed – Locks work on many levels of keys as well as master keys.

We offer all these services at Speedy Locks.

You may contact us for installation.

Master Key System

In this post, however, we will solely focus on the master key.

As stated above, a master key is a type of locking system where one single key called a master key can operate all the locks in the area covered.

For example, the company owner can master key all the locks in the company, or perhaps a landlord to access all the locks in case of emergencies.

Master Key vs. Non-Master Key

Master keys are helpful in times of emergencies.

Per se, a lock should be opened, but the one who has the individual key to it is absent; you can still unlock it.

It also applies to lost or misplaced keys; you can gain access and open it on their behalf.

In contrast, a non-master key system eliminates all these possibilities.

If these instances happen, you have no choice but to call a locksmith for key duplication or copy.

Plus, it will cost you more.

Therefore, a master key is really preferred for areas with many locks and key holders.

Advantages of a Master Key Lock System

There are plenty of benefits to experience in installing a master key lock system.

Let us narrow it down to two:

Convenience – With a master key lock system, you will no longer have to bring all the keys; you only need one key to access all the locks.

Imagine bringing 30 keys to prepare in case a lockout happens in your apartment.

It will be a hassle.

Control – More so, this locking system makes it easier for you to monitor the keys in case a tenant or employee leaves the place.

Master Key Components

A master key lock system has three different elements, namely:

Pins – The moving cylinders have two pins placed in the center and below the lock.

Shear Line – The line at the middle of the lock is called the shear line; it creates the space to allow the keys to turning the lock open.

Key Notches – These are the jagged edges of the keys to match the pins located inside the cylinder.

Key Wafer – This is the unique component that only a master key lock system has.

Master Key Lock System Installation at Speedy Locks

Speedy Locks has a locksmith that specializes in installing this system.

They can design a master key system for different locks such as cylinder locks, cam and cabinet locks, padlocks, mortice locks, and more standard locks out there.

We also offer other services that revolve around locks, keys, and securities.

From installation, repairs, replacement, rekey to lockouts, evictions, and emergencies, we can be of help.

We are open 24 hours a day, so you do not need to hesitate to call us during an emergency after work hours.

We are based in Markham; hence, anyone in this location and nearby areas can be reached.

Be at ease with the master key lock system–install them now for any of your properties.

For quotes and other inquiries, call us.

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