Business Lockout

Business Lockout

A business lockout, or a commercial lockout, is one of the worst situations a business owner could experience.

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As business owners, you should be prepared when it comes to these situations.

They time-consuming and very hassle to deal with.

Besides the time you spent dealing with your employees, you will also spend a lot of time dealing with the legal processes.

To lessen the stress, calling a locksmith is a perfect idea.

A mobile locksmith will guide you throughout the process for a smoother flow of action.

Speedy Locks have a locksmith that specializes in business lockouts.

Give us a call and let us talk about the details.

For now, let us take a look at the process of handling a business lockout:

Commercial Eviction

Since you are the rightful owner of your establishment, you will be the one who will process (along with your assistant, perhaps) the legal documents for the commercial eviction.

If you wish to conduct a business lockout, you may do so for valid reasons like severe violations of your rules and regulations.

The long stressful process to actualize a business lockout goes like this:

1. Written Notice

The first step to do is to give written notice to the tenant.

You may talk it out while handling the notice to them.

If it goes well, you may no longer wish to proceed with the following steps.

You just need to set terms and allow them to regain their place through a writ of re-entry submission.

2. Forcible Detainer Motion

If the talk with your employee or tenant does not go well, this is the next step you should follow.

Perhaps they fail to submit the writ of re-entry or any written and direct response; you may proceed to pursue legal action.

Since you are an operating business, you have to agree with the law; you cannot just act independently.

File for a forcible detainer motion, then wait for its approval.

3. Notice to Vacate

Once the authorities approve the detainer motion, you will give the Notice of Vacate to the tenant and present it at least three days.

They are served with a citation in the notice, meaning the both of you will meet in court within the said date.

If they do not attend, a writ of possession will be executed by the court.

Lastly, you will notify them that they only have 24 hours to vacate your place ultimately.

If they do not leave, you, as the rightful owner, can proceed to any legal action to make them go.

On a side note, please take note that the business lockout process depends from one area to another.

Before actualizing it, consult any paralegal first.

Office Lockout

Apart from business lockout or commercial evictions, a business lockout is also associated with emergencies.

Office lockout is a type of emergency lockout that requires a locksmith to solve.

If you and your employees are trapped inside or outside your building because of lock issues, we are here to help.

Hiring a mobile locksmith beforehand will make things easier because you can contact them anytime without having to set appointments.

Besides the entire office lockout, we extend our services to the inside locks of the office.

If your cabinet locks, safes, locks for a room, and many more, are malfunctioning, you may ask for our assistance to access them for you.

Do not waste your time trying to do DIY methods, especially that you are handling employees.

Never sacrifice everyone’s busy time for this stressful situation.

Let the locksmiths handle their job.

Plus, it will cost you less and prevent you from experiencing other complications.

Solve Your Business Lockout Problems with Speedy Locks

Speedy Locks is a locksmith company in Markham that offers a wide range of locksmithing services.

We are a team of professional licensed locksmiths who have been working in the industry for years.

Every locksmith in our company is a mobile locksmith who can help you in times of crisis.

We pledge to help our fellow Markham people by giving them these quality services.

We understand your taxing situation, and we want to be of help.

For quotes and inquiries, you may visit our place or give us a call.

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