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Have you ever been stuck in a place because you lost or misplaced your keys?

This scenario is common for a locksmith to encounter.

We have solved our clients’ issues with their locks.

They call us for help if they cannot enter their house after work hours or cannot access their cars.

Indeed, these situations are troubling, especially if you are really tired after a long day.

You do not need to worry though, if you are from Markham and you experience these kinds of disasters, Speed Locks can rescue you from the crisis.

If ever you get caught up in the situation, make sure to try these alternatives before calling us for a lockout service.

1. Ask for Help.

If you live alone in a house with no landlords, perhaps you can call someone you might have left a key with.

If it is already late and cannot wait for the solution, it is best to stay with them.

Spending time stranded outside is frustrating and uncomfortable.

Having someone around would help a lot.

On the other hand, if you live in an apartment or condominium, try asking the landlord or manager for help.

For sure, they have spare keys for emergencies like this.

As for cars and business lockouts, you have no choice but to wait for a lockout service to arrive, unfortunately.

Keep in touch with us for immediate assistance.

2. Call a Locksmith.

Upon experiencing a lockout and no other way to access the lock, call us for help.

If you can wait, we will be there immediately after the call.

However, if you decide to have it the day after (per se, it is too late, and you do not want more hassle), we can schedule it ahead of time.

Without a doubt, a mobile locksmith is the surest way to get into your home, car, or establishment

3. Look for Unlocked Windows.

While this option is not the best, it will not hurt if you try to compromise, considering that you are in a desperate situation.

It will be perfect if you are lucky enough to find an unlocked window.

Try to enter a window (if you can fit) by removing the screen, lifting it, and then shimming through.

Upon landing, make sure to keep your balance and land on solid ground.

Please be careful to avoid physical injuries that might call for emergency medical assistance.

4. Improvise Tools.

We do not recommend this option.

However, if worst comes to worst and you have no other choice left, this is your last resort.

Be careful, though; it might look as easy to pick locks in the movies, but they are not.

For improvisation, look for bobby pins or paper clips inside your bag.

These handy things serve as DIY tools for locksmithing.

For maximal results, it would be best if you have two of them.

If not, break them apart.

Bend one into an “L” shape, making it your tension rod to hold the lock in place.

Meanwhile, strengthen the other one and bend it into a tiny “W” at the end of the wire; it will allow you to unlatch the pins inside.

Next, keep the tension by holding the L-shaped piece.

On the other hand, feel the pins inside using the W-shaped one and push it upwards.

As for a standard spring bolt, sacrifice a card; choose something you no longer use.

Insert the card between the door and the frame.

Make sure it is placed right at the latch.

Hold it perpendicular to the door, push and wiggle it until it, then bend it away from the doorknob.

Now, push the door while bending, sliding, and wiggling the card.

Do the processes if they do not work on the first try.

Lockout Service by Speedy Locks

If you are from Markham and you are experiencing a lockout, call us for assistance.

Every locksmith in our company is licensed and professionals who can provide quick solutions for you.

Whether it be a residential, automotive, or commercial lockout, we are experts in our jobs.

We operate 24 hours a day, so you do not have to worry about calling us after office hours.

We understand that a lockout is stressful; therefore, we want to help you with our quality service anytime and anywhere in Markham.

For inquiries, call us.

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