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Lock repair service is something we should consider as property owners.

It is inevitable that as owners, we can immediately suspect if there is something wrong with our properties.

Also, as owners, we make sure to maintain their good condition for them to last long.

However, there are outside factors out of hand, and we can no longer control them.

If do-it-yourself methods can no longer aid the situation, the right course of action is to call for a locksmith.

Speedy Locks is a locksmith company in Markham that offers lock repair service anytime.

Our locksmiths are licensed professional technicians who have garnered years of experience in the industry.

When To Change Or Repair Your Locks?

If your locks are malfunctioning, it requires a lock repair service.

Perhaps you might also want to change them.

The differences between lock replacement and repair are almost the same.

A locksmith will consider a repair first before proceeding to change locks.

In most instances, lock change only happens when moving into a new house, experiencing a break-in, or the need to replace an overly damaged lock.

Meanwhile, lock repairs are the immediate solution for locks that are jammed, accumulated dirt, stuck, and the like.

To sum it up, a lock that can no longer be repaired must be replaced.

Between these two services, the answer really depends on the lock’s situation.

Do not fret, though; we will advise you on what is the right thing to do.

We are not professionals for nothing.

When Should I Change My Locks?

To reiterate, as mentioned above, locks that have reached their limit require a lock change.

As locksmiths, we will assess the lock’s condition if it can still be repaired.

If it does not work the same way ultimately, then we have to change it.

It is easy to spot a dying lock.

You will deal with it every time because the problem constantly reoccurs.

It will repeatedly happen until you realize that it does not work the same way anymore.

How Long Will It Take To Repair Locks?

A locksmith can finish repairing a lock for approximately 20 to 30 minutes.

At Speedy Locks, the process goes like this:

First, we will do an assessment; we will check and test the lock.

Next, we will brainstorm the solution for the concluded problem.

We will immediately proceed to the repairing proper afterward.

After repairing, we will test the lock, then make some adjustments if necessary.

Again, the time duration will depend on the issue of the lock.

There is no exact time because it will always vary.

Why Do I Need A Lock Repair Service?

Some locks demand repair because of many things.

In a list, here are some of the reasons why you need to repair your locks:

A Key Is Stuck in the Lock

A broken key in the lock poses a significant problem.

It is most likely that homeowners cannot fix it on their own.

This situation happens because you might have been applying too much pressure.

Other reasons might concern something inside the lock mechanism.

Regardless of the reason, call for immediate assistance to repair your lock.

Leaving it stuck for an extended period compromises the safety of your property.

The Deadbolt Is Stuck

Misaligned internal parts might cause a malfunctioning deadbolt.

The parts inside are not appropriately placed into the strike plate.

It is hard to fix a stuck deadbolt by yourself, so call us once it happens to you.

Lock Cylinder Is Turning

If your lock cylinder turns after inserting and turning the key, it should be repaired.

This problem is the most frustrating because you cannot recognize them as a serious problem after the attempt.

What happens with a turning cylinder is that the setscrews become loose or, worse, break.

Setscrews are designed to keep the cylinder in place.

Hence, when a problem concerning them arises, the entire lock will be in danger.

If you are attempting to unlock your door, and

Latch is Misaligned

The most common symptom for repair is a misaligned latch.

The reason behind this problem is the weather stripping.

Since it is common, it is easy to fix.

In fact, you can repair it by yourself.

However, without adequate knowledge and skills, you might end up unsuccessful.

Still, it is best to ask for assistance from an expert.

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