Mailbox Locks Replacement

Mailbox Locks Replacement

Even if it is not that common, there are still people who consider a mailbox locks replacement.

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Mailboxes were invented in the 1800s to receive letters and other deliveries without being at home.

They are made from solid components to keep your mail safe from external factors such as wind, snow, rain, and hail.

With the best mailbox, you can guarantee that your packages are safe not just from natural occurring factors but also from thieves.

Mailboxes are mounted on your wall or front door or a post in the yard—it is truly up to your preference.

While a mailbox occupies only a tiny portion of the household, it has such a huge responsibility.

Thus, you should not be complacent when it comes to your locks.

About 10,000 arrests are recorded in a year concerning mailboxes.

These thieves are arrested for stealing the package or stealing the identity.

To avoid these problematic issues, call a mobile locksmith for mailbox locks replacement.

When to Call a Locksmith for Mailbox Lock Issues?

Based on our records, we rank these three reasons for considering mailbox locks replacement.

1. Broken or Damaged Lock

A broken lock is the most common issue of mailboxes.

Most probably, there is an attempt, or the attempt has been successfully mounted.

We highly suggest a replacement for broken locks rather than a repair, especially if the damage is severe.

We do this because mailboxes hold crucial information, and repairing them might not be enough.

2. Purchased and moving into a new house

If you are moving into a new house that has been previously occupied, we firmly believe that replacement is necessary.

Do not be too complacent when it comes to this because we do not know if there are other people who still have the keys to the existing locks.

Change it before you ultimately move in and start receiving deliveries.

3. Lost or Misplaced Keys

Lost or misplaced keys also call for mailbox locks replacement.

Besides this, we might consider rekeying or key duplication if possible.

Lost keys are one of the most dangerous possibilities because you will never know who has the keys and if they have hidden motives to access your mailbox.

4. Going Through a Divorce or Other Cutting of Ties

If you are cutting ties with someone who shares the roof with you, better conduct a mailbox locks replacement service.

It is possible that they will access your mailbox after the separation.

They should not have any access after the separation, even if their deliveries are still being sent to your address.

Whether it ends in bad or good terms, it is best to be secured.

For assistance, you may call Speedy Locks to perform the mailbox lock replacement.

However, if you want to do a DIY method, we will not stop you.

You can follow these quick steps to replace the lock:

1. Purchase a new lock.

Before anything else, purchase a new lock.

You can find various models and brands online and at your local hardware.

Make sure that the lock you will be buying is sturdy, hard to drill and pick.

Also, go for the lock that matches your mailbox.

It will be troublesome if you buy something unrelated.

2. Remove the old lock.

Remove the old one to conduct the proper replacement process.

If you still have the key to your old lock, you can do this.

However, if they are lost or stolen, search for a way to pick the old lock or call us to pick it for you.

Picking it by yourself poses a danger and further complications, so we do not recommend you perform it.

Now, proceed to unscrew the nut, then take the latch.

Look for the u-shaped pin inside afterward, pull it in various directions to dislodge it, and finally pulling it out.

3. Install the new lock.

You are now on the last part of the process.

Easy, right?

For the last part, where you install the new lock, replace the old pin by using a nut or a pin.

Place it around the lock, pushing it into place.

Next, place it on the lock’s back portion.

The following step is to screw the smaller nut.

Afterward, test the grip.

Speedy Locks in Markham

We are always ready to help you with your lock issues.

If you are anywhere in Markham, give us a call, and we will be there.

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