Panic Bar Door Lock

Panic Bar Door Lock

A panic bar door lock, also called panic lock, panic bar; crash bar; exit device, or panic device, provides a quick way to exit during an emergency.

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It is designed to unlock a door to save lives during a crisis quickly.

Also, it is installed to comply with local and state laws.


A panic bar door lock’s mechanism has a spring-loaded metal bar horizontally attached to the internal part of the door.

When a person presses the door, the lever does, too, resulting in the door’s activation.

Pushing the panic bar releases the lock, making it easier to push it outwards and escape.

A panic bar door lock must qualify these classifications to consider as one:

  • It releases easily when slight force is applied.
  • It should open outwards.
  • With at least a pressure of 15 pounds
  • It covers the width of the door

Moreover, the International Building Code Requirements (IBC) requires these qualifications for commercial building owners:

  • Assembly situations: the occupant load is more than 50 people
  • Educational situations: more than 50 people
  • High-hazard occupancies: no limit

Please take note that these requirements only apply to doors with a lock/latch system.

Furthermore, commercial buildings should follow the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) safety code:

  • Assembly situations: the occupant load is more than 100 people
  • Educational situations: more than 100 people
  • Daycare situations: more than 100 people
  • High-hazard occupancies: more than five people

It is essential to install a panic bar door lock for your business as dictated by the law.

You should understand that this is implemented to keep your place safe with many people inside.

They are designed for evacuation purposes, preventing a tragedy before it even happens.

Panic Bar Door Lock Benefits

Besides its necessity for compliance, a panic bar door lock has more advantages than you thought.

Here are some:


Probably the most significant benefit of a panic bar door lock is safety.

As mentioned above, it is easy to open.

Naturally, they are built for that purpose: to save lives during emergencies, which is why the laws require them.

Unlike other doors, a panic bar door lock just needs the slightest push to open.

As evident in its name, it is necessary for situations where most people tend to panic.


To reiterate, they operate easily and quickly; there is no hassle in opening it.

Elderly and children will not have a hard time opening it, as well as people with disabilities.


Besides its efficiency and built-in safety purposes, a panic bar door lock is cost-effective.

At first, most clients got surprised because they thought it was expensive.

Unlike automatic doors and other doors commonly installed in businesses, this door type is cheaper at all costs.

Plus, since they are the safest type of door, you will have fewer possibilities to encounter emergencies and inconvenience, which would cost you a lot to cover the damages.


Panic bar door locks may look like they function all the same, but there are some features available yet discovered.

They come in different styles that are the best fit for your building’s design.

One distinct panic bar door lock is that they are only locked from the outside and opened from the inside.

Some can even have another layer of security like alarms to notify the authorities of a potential issue the moment a person opens it.

Insurance Benefit

At Speedy Locks, we offer our panic bar door lock installation with insurance benefits and discounts.

Since they are highly required, business owners should inevitably comply.

With this, we are happy to help you with our installation services.

Your safety and the occupants are the priority; we will not fail you and risk your safety.

Panic Bar Door Lock Installation at Speedy Locks

Finding the right type and style of a panic bar door lock is one of the struggles you will encounter.

With the help of our locksmiths, you can quickly identify what suits your place the best.

We are licensed professional locksmiths who know the tiniest details when it comes to installations.

We have studied this before getting our license, so we possess adequate knowledge for this job.

For more information and bookings, please do not hesitate to reach us.

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