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As evident in its name, high security locks are designed to overcome the weaknesses of standard locks.

They offer more layers of security for the overall protection and safety of the occupants and the valuable belongings in the property.

High security locks have many great features that prevent break-ins, theft, burglary, and other malicious attempts from happening.

High Security Locks Characteristics

There are plenty of characteristics that overpower standard locks.

Take a look at them:

Metal Composition

They are composed of solid metals.

Of course, high security locks are made of heavy-duty metals and not plastics (they should never be used).

You can determine if a lock is a high security type if its weight is heavy.

In fact, the heavier the lock, the better the quality.

Complex Lock Cylinder

The lock cylinder of high security locks is more complex.

Its internal mechanisms are multifaceted to deter an intruder from bumping.

The more complicated the lock cylinder, the harder it is for them to pick it.

Bolt Strength

They acquire the strength of a superior lock.

A high security lock can withstand even the greatest amount of force.

Since they are made of heavy-duty metal and hardened steel bolts, intruders will have difficulty accessing it.

It can ensure kicking, ramming, and even sledgehammers.

Comparatively, standard locks will bend or snap during these attempts, risking your safety.

Drill Protection

The best characteristic of high security locks is their drill resistance.

It is almost impossible for burglars to remove the lock using drills.

Of course, what do you expect from hardened metal cases, durable metal disks and pins?

These components are placed precisely where the drill penetrates.

Lastly, they have metal shields inside for better protection.

Advantages of High Security Locks

High security locks have a lot to offer to both home and business owners.

Naturally, locks are designed to protect our property, but with high security locks, this protection is heightened.

Restricted Keyway

Many property owners are constantly dealing with unauthorized key duplication and missing keys.

High security locks prevent these instances from happening.

They have a feature called a restricted keyway system that prohibits unauthorized duplication from happening.

This feature is a way to prevent employees (especially the previous ones with grudges) from copying their keys.

They are patented, meaning only the authorized person can do a duplication.

With the help of a locksmith, you can be the only one to do anything with the key.

Locksmiths will do the job with your written consent.

With this, the key control of the key system is established within the business.

Furthermore, the key blanks are also rare; you cannot see them on the market.

To reiterate, only you and the locksmith have the knowledge about the lock and keys.

Lastly, you can improve the management of the business because the control access to which the keys belong can easily be monitored.

Impossible to Pick

As mentioned earlier, high security locks are made of heavy-duty metal and hardened steel components that stop any attempts like picking, drilling, kicking, ramming, and the like.

To add, the locking mechanism is exclusive to you and the one who installed it, the locksmith.

Therefore, only the locksmith can open the lock using special tools.

Installing high security locks avoids theft and trespassing.


Apart from their safety and security purposes, they also have aesthetic appeal.

You can customize your high security locks to fit the building’s accent.

What’s more, you can customize keys as to how many business locations you have.

Each key has its unique composition for every location.

Reset Locks

You do not need to worry about replacement services because high security locks enable key resetting.

You do not have to worry about lost or stolen keys, especially if you consider master and grandmaster keys.

Monitor Remotely

As owners, you can monitor the locks and the keys.

With an added layer of security using technology advancements, this is entirely possible.

It allows businesses to install an alarm, using a smartphone or computer for access, and so on.

Then, it will notify you quickly if there are any security alerts.

Install High Security Locks at Speedy Locks

If you are an operating business in Markham, hire us to install high security locks to your building.

Homeowners may also consider it if they want to.

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