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Mobile Locksmith

A mobile locksmith is someone you can call during emergencies.

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In fact, they also go by the name emergency locksmith since it is the nature of their job.

For instance, you are experiencing a lockout after office hours; a mobile locksmith can still be contacted.

Their role is to respond to unprecedented situations when you thought that no one could help you.

In this post, we are going to share information about a mobile locksmith and our services.

Let us take a look.

The Job of a Mobile Locksmith

As mentioned earlier, the job of a mobile locksmith is to provide immediate response during emergencies.

We cater to these unpredictable instances anytime and anywhere in Markham:

  • You lost or misplaced your keys to your house
  • You lost or misplaced your keys to your car
  • Your keys got stolen
  • Your locks are not functioning
  • A break-in happened
  • There is an attempted intrusion
  • Your keys do not work with the lock
  • Your locks are jammed
  • You forgot to bring your keys
  • Your lock is not accepting your password

Basically, it is about losing access to your property.

When you cannot enter your premises, it is time to call a mobile locksmith.

A mobile locksmith can provide an immediate solution from repair to replacement of door locks and other things equipped with locks.

What Counts as Emergency?

We describe an emergency as an unprecedented situation.

It is totally out of your control, and you cannot do anything to overpower the situation.

It is an emergency, too, especially if it happens during ungodly hours and holidays.

Our mobile locksmiths are available anytime and anywhere in Markham, so you do not need to worry if anything happens with your locks or keys.

How Much Do a Mobile Locksmith’s Services Cost?

The fee of hiring a mobile locksmith varies; it will depend on the issue they are handling.

If the locksmith covers more services than expected, of course, the fee will increase.

If the lock is under severe damages, it will also make the fees higher.

It actually depends on your situation and lock issue.

Every client has their own unique problems to deal with, and of course, a particular solution for them.

Speedy Locks – A Mobile Locksmith Company

Speedy Locks is a mobile locksmith company located in Markham.

We cater to our clients in Markham and nearby areas.

Our services are available every day, including holidays, anytime.

Every mobile locksmith in our company possesses these great qualities:


Every mobile locksmith is professional and licensed.

Otherwise, we will not be allowed to operate and provide our services.

Our technicians are experts in their field who have studied hard and attended many training and workshops to improve their skills.

You can guarantee that our expertise in this field is legitimate and evident.

Our loyal customers can prove that.


Another wonderful trait about our mobile locksmiths is their efficiency.

We prove to our clients that we are really mobile—we act quickly and do it effectively.

Since a mobile locksmith is usually called for emergencies, we must be agile to come to your area with solutions in hand immediately.

We have also prepared our equipment and essential materials beforehand for a quicker response.

We always do our best to make you feel convenient and less stressed regarding the situation.

Available Anytime

As mentioned earlier, we are available anytime.

A mobile locksmith should have a clear schedule to accompany clients who are experiencing a crisis.

They will always make time to aid your troublesome situations.

Our company is available for contact 24 hours.

Do not hesitate to contact us!

Available Anywhere in Markham

To reiterate, the coverage of our services is the entire Markham and nearby areas we can reach.

If you are in a remote area, we can still depart there as long as it is in the area of coverage.

Unprecedented events happen anywhere, so we make sure we respond to you in the location where you at that certain time.

Affordable Services

We understand your troubles during this time; hence, we offer our services affordable and friendly.

It is really our aim to help you, so we will not disappoint.

For more details about us and what we do, you may reach us through calls.

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