What Is Smart Lock? And Should I Install One?

Smart locks are those that have the ability to offer a huge deal of convenience when you leave as well as enter the home.

However, there are a few things that we should be aware of before we think of installing one on our door.

In a nutshell, a smart lock is a form of security installed in a home or a building that can lock and open the door seamlessly. It does not require a key.

Instead, you will only need a code for you to enter.

Furthermore, it automatically locks the door whenever you close it.

Hence, those who have the passcode are the only ones who can enter the premises.

What is a smart lock? And should I install one?

Here are some of the things you need to consider before installing one.

Good Batteries

Smart locks are those that run on some battery power.

These batteries are responsible for a number of different things, which include the wireless chips, the LED lights, and most essentially, the motor that secures as well as opens the door.

Whenever the motor is activated in the smart lock, it gets a particular amount of power from its batteries so that it can be extended or otherwise retract its deadbolt.

Hence, given this, the quality of one’s batteries in use can have an adverse effect in terms of how often they have to be changed for new ones.

Proper Closing of the Door

There are some doors that are slightly misaligned, especially in some older houses.

Hence, they will not really close correctly.

This means that if you have to push the door in order to have it locked, then you will have to address that as well in terms of installing a smart lock.

In some cases, if you will be locking as well as unlocking the door remotely, then the deadbolt will have to extend as well as retracted on its own without it getting hindered by anything.

If it’s the case, the smart lock will simply jam and will not properly work.

There might be a lot of issues that can cause a door to be misaligned, so your choice is to either hire a professional locksmith in order to have it fixed or reach out to someone who knows how to fix the problem.

Thumbturn Plates

A traditional deadbolt usually has a thumb turn that does not take up a lot of space more than it needs to.

Hence, making it considerably unobtrusive as well as low-key.

Yet, because there are electronics that are made into a smart lock, the thumb turn mechanism inside will be larger compared to any traditional lock.

While it might not be a big deal at most times, if you have some decorations or trims on your door that are located near the lock, a smart lock may not fit.

Given that, you should ensure that there is plenty of space when it comes to your door locks, especially on the location above them.

Traditional Deadbolt

You can still keep your traditional deadbolt despite having a smart lock.

However, you will have to purchase a conversion kit that will turn the old deadbolt into a smart lock as well.

There are products out there that comprise some interior mechanisms that are installed on the thumb turn.

Hence, giving it some smart capabilities simply without replacing the entire lock completely.

While there might be reasons behind why you will want to do this, regardless if you want to keep using the house keys or simply keeping the outdoor clean of some keypads as well as LED lights, conversion kits can be a good thing for you.

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