Lock Installation

Lock Installation

When you hear the word “locksmith,” the first word that comes to your mind is one of their primary jobs: lock installation.

Lock installation is a service that a locksmith company provides for its clients.

We are one of those companies who do this job.

Speedy Locks is a locksmith company based in Markham.

For lock installation services, here are the things you should know before calling us:

What Is A Lock System?

A lock system is composed of devices that are installed in your house for security.

This system has existed for many years, and they have not changed much, only progressed.

The system is very effective because the traditional ones are still used in most residential and commercial buildings.

It is a top priority that property owners really invest in for the long run.

Let us have a look at these common questions about lock installation services:

Lock Rekey, Change, and Repair

In case of emergency, locks can be rekeyed, replaced, or repaired.

If your keys are missing or your locks are damaged, it is still possible to access your locks.

The method will depend on the severity of the lock and the situation.

With the help of a locksmith, you can immediately reset, change, or repair locks.

Restricted and Serialized Keys

For locks with many keys, especially for commercial buildings, each key has its own serial number traceable to its owner.

These keys prevent unauthorized copying and duplication.

Hence, with this system, you can always determine the key holders in circulation.

Knowing that they have been duplicated, you do not have to worry about any unwanted break-ins.

Cloud-based Software

Cloud-based software is a system that allows administrators to monitor their serialized keys by location.

Moreover, it has dashboard reporting, giving a more comprehensive overview of the key control program.

Is It Easy To Manage Locks?

Similar to other valuables, you need to take care of your locks.

During the lock installation process, we will brief you on the maintenance.

No need to worry, though; the system is easy to control and maintain.

Plus, you can always contact us if anything serious happens.

Furthermore, the online software has a compliance that allows you to track the keyholders.

Door Lock System Customization

Customization is always available.

You can customize your door lock system depending on the desired level of security and complexity.

Upgrading it is always recommended.

Benefits of Lock Installation

Whether or not your chosen lock installation service is traditional/standard or high-security/smart, one thing is sure: they all encapsulate these advantages:

Let us take a look!

Enhanced Security

As mentioned earlier, the role of a door lock system is to promote safety and security to our properties.

Your locks are designed that way.

If your place is smaller, you can opt for the standard and traditional ones.

Meanwhile, if you are handling a commercial building, we suggest you choose higher-level locks since you are covering hundreds of people.

Still, it is up to you; all of them provide enhanced security.


Who would not want to sit back and relax with minds at peace?

Since your security is guaranteed, of course, you will feel convenient and comfortable.

For instance, since there is software for monitoring keys, you will no longer track them manually.

How Much Does It Cost?

Lock Installation services vary from one locksmith company to another.

It will also depend on the complexity of the locks you have chosen.

There are many factors to consider; hence, the cost will never be revealed in its exact numbers.

However, we guarantee you that our lock installation services are not expensive.

We understand the hassle of these precautions, so we will give it a friendly price.

Why Choose Speedy Locks?

Speedy Locks is a locksmith company based in Markham.

If you are residing in Markham and nearby places, a mobile locksmith from our company can reach you anytime.

We operate 24 hours a day, so you do not have to worry about the time.

You may also visit us at our office if you prefer.

Our services extend from lock installation to safes, gates, lockouts, and many more.

For quotes and inquiries, you may reach us by giving us a message or through call.

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