A locksmith is a technician who works with locks, as evident in its name.

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They deal with lock and key issues to improve security within your property.

There are different types of locksmiths classified according to their expertise.

Take a look at these six different types of locksmiths and know what kind of locksmith you are looking for to solve your issues.

Residential Locksmith

A residential locksmith specializes in home locks and security.

Their services cater to everything that concerns security in your house.

Specifically, they provide solutions from the gate, the mailbox, to your doors, and the cabinets inside.

If you are experiencing lock trouble in your house, you should call one.

Automotive Locksmith

Meanwhile, an automotive locksmith provides services for vehicles.

Unlike residential locksmiths, they deal with different locks and keys because they are not similar to houses.

Their jobs are solely for vehicles alone.

Commercial Locksmith

If you are dealing with lock and key issues in your business, a commercial locksmith is someone you should contact.

They are closely related to a residential expert; however, their coverage is more comprehensive.

They provide solutions from lockouts, evictions to installations, and everything in between.

Mobile Locksmith

For emergency purposes, a mobile locksmith is the one you should reach for an immediate response.

They are efficient and reach you immediately whenever you are anytime.

Locksmith Services

While there are different types of locksmiths, their services are interrelated.

We have here six different types of locksmith services.

Install Locks

The most prominent job of locksmiths is to install locks, especially for an upgrade to heighten security level.

At Speedy locks, our lock installation includes both traditional and modern locks.

We offer services like deadbolt installation, panic bar door lock, mailbox lock, file cabinet lock, peephole, keyless locks like keypads and fingerprint, CCTVs, and many more—name it.

Depending on which one do you prefer, we come in handy.

Repair Locks

Generally, locks last for an extended period of time without regular maintenance; however, repairing them is essential if the damage becomes severe.

Locks may be exposed to wear and tear, have accumulated dirt and debris, have been picked, frozen, jammed, or whatever reason for them to malfunction.

If your lock is not functioning the way it is, you may attempt to do a DIY, but this method is not recommended because it posts for further damages.

A locksmith is skilled enough to solve lock problems for you.

Key Issues

Along with locks, a locksmith caters to key issues.

Of course, keys are involved because they are used to access locks.

If your keys are stuck in the lock, broken, or if you need to cut, duplicate or copy them, we have solutions in hand.

Moreover, we extend our services to what are considered keyless, like passwords, fingerprints, keycards, and more.

Lockout Services

Moreover, if you are stuck outside your home without your keys because you lost them, we will reach you for assistance.

We offer immediate assistance wherever you are in Markham.

It is truly a hassle to wait outside your own house, especially during after office hours.

Eviction Services

Furthermore, another stressful situation an owner can experience is removing a tenant from the place.

With an expert on your side, the eviction process can go smoothly and less stressful.

It takes a legal process to actualize this, and it can be dreadful, so be sure to have a technician with you.

Enhanced Security and Protection

Lastly, owners searching for professionals to increase their security level should call a locksmith.

Everyone has unique problems and preferred ways to upgrade locks and security levels.

Speedy Locks has a wide range of services to upgrade the security and protection of your property.

We offer from standard locks to smart locks for more options.

Call us and choose what is the most suitable for your place.

Speedy Locks in Markham

Speedy Locks is a locksmith company in Markham that offers various services, lock types, and lock brands.

Thus, if you need one, do not hesitate to reach us.

Our services are open anytime, including holidays, and anywhere in Markham.

We will be glad to help you!

Contact us for quotes, specifics, more details and questions.

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