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Locks are essential home equipment to safeguard our property and keep all the family members safe and secured.

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Therefore, investing in a high-quality lock with the assistance of the best locksmith company is a high priority of homeowners.

If you are from Durham, Locks&Load Durham provides efficient and affordable locksmithing services.

Why should you hire us?

Let me tell you something about our locksmith company.

Locks&Load Durham

Locks&Load Durham is a local locksmith company in Durham and nearby places.

We are comprised of mobile locksmiths who are professionals, adept, and flexible.

We cater to various locksmithing services that have acquired proper training and gained long years of experience in the industry.

Our technicians are paired with skillful craftmanship and great work ethics.

We are also equipped with the updated and accurate tools for specialized works, garnering maximal results.

In our many years of service, we have loyal customers who can prove the satisfaction of our works.

Hire us now if you are looking for a locksmith company in Durham.

Below is the list of our services:

Locks&Load Durham Services

Our company covers a wide range of locksmith services to address different issues concerning locks and keys.

Regardless of the issue, whether they are common or unusual, we are prepared to aid your dilemma.

Continue reading to learn more about the specifics of our services:

Lock Services

We troubleshoot the issue with your locks to determine the problem and conclude the best solution to it.

Here are the common lock services we offer:

Lock Installation 

If you are transferring to a new home or just brought a new house, it is necessary to install new locks to ensure that they are only accessible to you.

Hire our company for lock installation for this assurance.

We offer you lots of trusted brands for you to choose from before installing them.

Lock Maintenance

On the other hand, if you are living for a long time in your house, it is common that the locks’ age is the same as the house.

Hence, some must already be worn or rusted.

To avoid this, hire a local locksmith company for regular checkups to ensure that they are well-maintained.

Lock Repair and Replacement

In connection, if your locks are already exposed to wear and tear, we offer lock repair and replacement.

We fix locks or replace them depending on their issue.

Lockout Response and Rekeying

One of the most common issues with locks and keys is experiencing lockout.

If your keys are lost and stolen, call us for an immediate response.

Also, we suggest rekeying as a top solution because it is the cheapest and most efficient.

Key Services

Apart from handling locks, we offer key services like duplication, repair, and replacement.

Of course, locks cannot work without keys, so we cannot neglect these services.

They are automatically included in our service coverage.

Mobile Locksmith 

A mobile locksmith is an in-demand service that our customers avail from us.

We understand that it is inefficient to come to our place, especially to busy clients.

Thus, we offer mobile locksmithing to save time and promote convenience to your part.

Also, we operate 24/7 every day because we understand that emergencies are unpredictable; they can happen anytime, so we are always prepared.

Why Should You Hire Us?

As service providers, technicians should possess these qualities for best results.

Let us describe ourselves to you to prove we are worth it.


We are professional technicians who handle our jobs very technical and hands-on.

Our team is experienced in the field and exposed to many training with certificates for evidence.

Our professionalism is guaranteed; we value your relationships with us.


As stated above, we have undergone various trainings that made our skills flourish more.

We cannot operate if our technicians are not proven qualified and suitable for these types of jobs.

Along with these skills, we are equipped with the tools, machines, and other necessary materials to address your lock and keys issues.


Lastly, we are trustworthy.

Our locksmiths are honest and transparent.

We provide reports about the job methods, progress, and everything you need to know.

If there are further problems, we will inform you immediately.

Locks&Load Durham is the best locksmith company in Durham.

Give us a call and let us talk about the service you want to avail.

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