Car Key Only Works Sometimes: Understanding the Problem

Experiencing issues with your car key can be frustrating, especially when it only works intermittently. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the common reasons behind this problem and provide practical solutions.

Understanding the Problem

Car keys have evolved significantly, from traditional mechanical keys to modern electronic fobs. Each type has its unique set of challenges.

Mechanical Keys

Wear and Tear

Regular use can wear down the teeth of a mechanical key, making it difficult to engage with the lock mechanism.


If the internal components of the lock are misaligned, the key may not turn smoothly.

Electronic Keys and Fobs

Battery Issues

A low or dead battery in a key fob can lead to intermittent operation or complete failure.

Signal Interference

Electronic keys rely on signals to communicate with the car. Interference can disrupt this communication.

Programming Errors

Sometimes, the key might need reprogramming to synchronize with the car’s security system.

Common Causes and Solutions

Issue Mechanical Key Electronic Key/Fob
Wear and Tear Get a duplicate key. N/A
Misalignment Lubricate or repair the lock. N/A
Battery Issues N/A Replace the battery.
Signal Interference N/A Avoid signal-blocking objects.
Programming Errors N/A Reprogram the key.

Why Choose Us?

At Speedy Locks Markham, we understand the inconvenience caused by car key issues. We offer:

  • Expert key repair and replacement services.
  • State-of-the-art key programming.
  • Rapid response to emergency lockouts.
  • Friendly, professional service.

Service Areas

We proudly serve the following areas:

  • Markham
  • Richmond Hill
  • Vaughan
  • Scarborough
  • And surrounding regions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my car key only work sometimes?

The intermittent functioning of a car key can be due to various reasons, including wear and tear, battery issues in key fobs, or signal interference.

Can a locksmith fix a car key that only works sometimes?

Absolutely. A skilled locksmith can diagnose and resolve issues with both mechanical keys and electronic key fobs. For more insights, visit our detailed guide on car key issues.

Is it expensive to fix a car key?

The cost depends on the type of key and the nature of the issue. Replacing a battery in a key fob is generally inexpensive, while repairing or replacing a modern electronic key can be costlier.

How can I prevent my car key from malfunctioning?

Regular maintenance, avoiding excessive force, and timely battery replacement can help prolong the life of your car key. For more useful tips, check out our blog on locksmith tips and tricks.


Dealing with a car key that only works sometimes can be challenging, but understanding the underlying issues and seeking professional help can resolve these problems efficiently. At Speedy Locks Markham, we specialize in addressing a wide range of key-related issues, offering reliable and speedy solutions. For more information or to request our services, don’t hesitate to contact us. Remember, the right care and expertise can turn a frustrating situation into a minor inconvenience!

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