Locksmith Eviction Services

Locksmith Eviction Services

Locksmith eviction services are among the services that Speedy Locks handle.

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It is crucial to hire a licensed professional locksmith during this situation because it is crucial and takes legal processes.

Our locksmiths are capable of doing this taxing job along with you.

Having assistance and guidance from professionals will really help.

Now, you might be asking questions about locksmith eviction services and how they work.

There are plenty of things to consider as owners of your place.

First and foremost, know your reasons why you are applying for locksmith eviction services.

Reasons for Eviction

Here are the popular reasons why:

  1. Forgetting to pay rent and other dues
  2. Violating rules like property damages
  3. Doing illegal activities
  4. The lease is up.

These four reasons are all valid reasons why you, as owners, want to consider eviction.

These are just the common ones; if you have your own reason not mentioned above, make sure they are valid.

You can call us and ask about it.

Eviction Process

Now let us proceed to the process of locksmith eviction services.

As locksmiths, we do not have the right to do the legal processes for you; we will only assist and guide you throughout the process.

Also, to do our job, which is to change your locks after the process.

Notify the Tenant

What you need to do first is give the tenant the Eviction Notice.

Please remember that laws differ from one place to another, consult a paralegal for this matter.

You should comply with the laws involving evictions circulating in Markham.

Hence, you need to be very clear and precise when it comes to crafting your notice.

This is a legal process, and complicating things will make the situation more stressful.

Serve the Notice

The following step is to serve the crafted notice.

We want you to be prepared for this step because your tenant may or may not be the same angry tenants you typically see on TVs.

If you are fortunate, you can talk it out with them.

On the other hand, if things do not go well, it shows that you really should pursue this matter.

With the help of a professional mobile locksmith and the authorities, serving the notice to the client will not be dangerous.

You can prevent any unwanted responses and breaking the laws.

Make sure to hire a professional locksmith like us to keep up with the law.

Hiring an unlicensed locksmith will be considered burglary, making you accountable for a fine for breaking the law.

Here are three ways to serve your eviction notice:

  1. Personal Delivery – You can deliver it personally to your client, but please bring a witness with you who can help you if things go out of control.

As mentioned above, tag along with you a licensed locksmith, someone from law enforcement, and anyone trustworthy.

  1. Door Pasting – You may also paste or tape it on your tenant’s door with a note saying that you will meet for agreements.

Please also remember to check if you are legal to do so as dictated by the laws.

  1. First Class Mail – Your last option is to deliver it to them if you are not in the location.

Again, please check with your location’s eviction laws.

Some places might require you to mail them first before talking in person.

Evictions are the last resort.

If your tenant continues to mess around after a couple of warnings, this is the right course of action to do.

For locksmith eviction services, we advise you to check the laws first, then proceed to hire us for the actualization of the process.

We understand that it is perilous and poses a danger, but we assure you of help.

Speedy Locks’ Locksmith Eviction Services

At Speedy Locks, locksmith eviction services are trusted.

You can depend on us concerning situations like this.

Why? Because every locksmith from our company is a professional and licensed locksmith.

We have studied the locksmithing field and attended various workshops and seminars for our job.

We are certified by Markham to operate and perform our services.

For more information about us and what we do, you may give us a call anytime.

We operate 24 hours a day!

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