File Cabinet Locks

File Cabinet Locks

As owners, we secure our belongings inside our cabinets using file cabinet locks.

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They are used both on homes and offices, anywhere with cabinets.

They are designed to secure your belongings.

Also, they promote and imply exclusivity to owners, meaning unauthorized unlocking is not advisable.

While most file cabinets have built-in locks, it is still vital to heighten their level of security.

In fact, we advise you to change it to really secure that you are the only one who can access them.

Speedy Locks offer new lock installation for file cabinet locks.

File Cabinet Locks Installation

File cabinet locks are made to make sure that your file cabinets store your files and documents with the utmost confidentiality.

Perhaps you put your jewelry and other stuff you want to safeguard, not just files.

We install file cabinet locks anywhere in Markham.

Here are some locks we can equip for you.

1.  Padlock

The padlock is the most known type of file cabinet lock.

It is the most affordable, with efficiency and quick functionality guaranteed.

A padlock serves you with convenience; you only need to insert and turn a key to unlock the lock.

Regardless of the kind of your cabinet, a padlock can fulfill its duty to safeguard your belongings.

Usually, owners choose a padlock if their cabinet is traditional.

However, they come in different styles and sizes to suit any type of cabinet.

2.  Cam Lock

Similarly, the cam lock is also a common type of lock we install.

Cam lock is made of a metal plate, called a cam, fastened to the core.

They have a rotating bar part at its back part; you insert the key there to unlock it.

Then, it latches onto the interior of the cabinet to hold the drawer when it is locked.

3.  Tubular Cylinder Lock

Next, we have the tubular cylinder locks that fit through a hole made in the cabinet.

It is composed of a long cylindrical shape with a round key for unlocking.

This type is challenging to install; hence, a professional locksmith should do the job.

4.  Electronic Lock

Of course, we also offer modern types of locks.

The electronic lock is a new way of enhancing your file security.

It is convenient and efficient to use, primarily keyless.

Specifically, keyless electronic locks operate using electromagnetic components.

You can either scan your fingerprint or input your password.

Because of its convenience, most of our clients nowadays opt for this type.

Plus, they are aesthetically pleasing for the eyes.

5.  Sliding Teeth Lock

As for sliding door cabinets, the perfect one is the sliding teeth lock.

It works with one mechanism remaining in the cabinet while the key separates from the lock during the opening process.

6.  Lock Bar

A lock bar, also called a side-locking bar, is not a primary lock; they are only attached for an improved level of security.

We install the lock on the cabinet’s exterior length.

Most of them operate with a padlock.

Please remember that you should never make it your primary lock; it does not guarantee total protection.

File Cabinet Locks Repair and Maintenance

Besides installations, we also offer file cabinet locks repairs.

If you already have installed the lock and want to maintain it for good, you can call us for assistance.

Like other things, they need proper care, and there will be a time when they will demand repairs.

If your lock is malfunctioning, external factors might be causing them not to operate well.

Lock issues include debris and dirt accumulation, wear and tear exposure, lock picking, jammed locks, forgotten combinations, and many more.

These factors will gravely affect your file cabinet locks until they are no longer possible for repairs.

Before it comes to replacement, make sure you maintain them well.

Speedy Locks in Markham

Speedy Locks is a mobile locksmith company that caters to various lock and key problems and security solutions.

Every locksmith in our team is licensed, so you can guarantee that we are experts in our field.

We operate 24 hours, including holidays, to respond to your unprecedented occurrences.

Deal with your file cabinet locks now with our assistance.

For more information, please do not hesitate to call us.

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