Peephole Installation

Peephole Installation

More and more homeowners are calling us for peephole installation appointments.

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As society continues to progress, peepholes become more prevalent in every house.

They are not only limited to apartments and condominiums, but they are expanding to residential homes and other places as well.

Speedy Locks offer peephole installation services for an affordable and friendly budget.

If you are searching for a locksmith company in Markham, give us a call.

For now, let us know everything about peepholes and why they are hot on the market.

Peepholes Buying Guide

Generally speaking, there is no one specific size for all doors.

It is best to call for a locksmith when it comes to these devices to determine the exact measurements and everything in between.

When buying this device, emphasize the screen’s size through its diameter.

A peephole with a greater diameter provides clearer and better viewing.

Please do not opt for something huge.

Not only are they not aesthetically appealing, but they are not safe.

However, they can pick up larger images and greater distances from your door.

Hence, it is really best to ask assistance from a locksmith for better options.

Take a look at these three features you need to consider:

The Viewing Angle

Peephole’s viewing angles vary.

You may want to pay more attention to this feature because it defines the area of coverage.

A peephole with a wide viewing angle allows you to see more of the outside of your door.

Preferably, go for a peephole with 180⁰, the highest angle for best viewing.

The Material

Moreover, homeowners should look at the peephole materials because they determine the device’s durability.

Most peepholes are made of stainless steel or aluminum and plastic.

The metal components outperform the plastic ones, of course.

The plastic counterparts are more susceptible to damage.

The Image Clarity

Lastly, highly consider the image clarity.

This is different from the viewing angle, which determines the distance available for viewing.

This feature, on the other hand, fixes the quality of your viewing.

You would not want to have a peephole with a low-quality definition, right?

It will not allow you to recognize the faces.

A peephole with a higher definition or better image clarity will provide you a clearer view.

Peephole Types

Moving on, you need to deliberate on the most suitable peephole for your door.

At Speedy Locks, we will assess your door’s measurements and go along with the best type and brand.

However, if you want to buy it on your own, take a look at the types of this integral part of the door.

Standard Front Peephole

As mentioned in its name, this type is the standard one among all peepholes.

If you want to go along with the simplest and cheapest option, this is the best one.

However, it has a slight viewing angle and not that clear.

Wide Angle Projection Peephole

Still, it is clear on its name.

This type provides a wider angle projection in contrast to the standard front.

It is composed of modern optical instruments for better viewing.

The fish-eye lens provides a wide-range image of the outside.

Hidden Peephole

A hidden peephole involves of a microscopic video camera fixed on your door.

For the receiving end, a device is installed inside your place.

This type is modern and more costly.

Digital Peephole

The most modern type of peepholes is the digital.

It has a tiny built-in camera that reflects the outside and transfers the data to a screen (monitor or TV).

What’s more, the images can be permanently or temporarily transmitted, depending on your choice.

If someone is standing at your front door, the peephole’s motion sensor will automatically activate, then transfer it to your device.

Plus, it has a recording mode option.

Bulletproof Peephole

A bulletproof peephole is for added security.

It is usually attached to specialized doors.

Peephole Periscope

If you have family members who are considered people with disabilities, this device is designed for them.

It has an eyepiece with a lens located at different eye levels.

For viewing, people can see the outside through a mirror system inside the casing.

Speedy Locks Offer Peephole Installation in Markham

If you are from Markham and looking for a locksmith company to assist your peephole installation process, we got you covered.

You may also call a mobile locksmith from our company in case of emergency.

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