Door Locks Service

Door Locks Service

Door locks are your number one security defense system.

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Installing the best quality locks or replacing them is among the things you should really invest in.

Since you are here, it is probably best to upgrade your locks now.

Whether you need a door locks service for your house, vehicle, or office, we have the best locksmith to serve you.

Before proceeding to the types of locks included in our services, take a look at the top reasons why owners consider a door locks service:

  • When you move into a new house or office
  • After experiencing a break-in
  • Old locks do not function anymore
  • You lost or misplaced your keys
  • Your keys got stolen
  • When you are dealing with a divorce
  • When you are planning to evict a tenant/renter
  • Locks are old and damages
  • Home or office renovations
  • Roommate moved out of the place

Speedy Locks Services

After you call us, we will assess what type of service suit you the best.

In most cases, we do lock change or replacement or lock rekey.

If the problem is severe, lock repairs do not work anymore, so we move on to another solution.

Residential Lock Service

When it comes to lock issues in your house, we have a specialized locksmith for home locks and security.

We know what to do with any type of locks, from your gate to your front door to your cabinets.

If the lock issue concerns something in the house, then you need a residential lock service.

While it is tempting to do the do-it-yourself method, just got to the hardware and change the locks on your own, it is best if you have the assistance of the experts.

Professional licensed locksmiths have the knowledge and skills to know precisely what the right action to do.

It will prevent you from further damage and costs if you do not think twice about calling one.

This applies more to those who have experienced a break-in.

You definitely need more assistance than you thought.

Commercial Lock Service

Similar to residential locks, commercial lock issues also require a locksmith, especially that it concerns more people.

Unlike residential homes, it is risky to conduct a DIY method here.

You are breaking state laws and risking the safety of the occupants.

Establishments should be aware that while it is their property, there are lots of factors to consider.

When experiencing a lock problem in a building, the right thing to do is to ask assistance from a locksmith.

Furthermore, we offer better and upgraded security services like master key lock systems, smart locks, keyless entry, panic door installations that businesses consider.

Automotive Lock Service

Vehicle locks are different from residential and commercial locks.

A locksmith who specialized in car keys should be separated and powered.

We have automotive locksmiths that work with all types of cars and models.

Considering that most situations involving cars happen on the road, a locksmith can do the job exactly on the spot efficiently.

Door Openers for Houses

For houses, you might think through the door locks services we offer for homes, here are some:

  • Locksets

Locksets make your entryway more pleasing.

They come in one-piece, two-piece, or full-plate.

  • Chain Locks and Slide Bolts

For an added layer of security, chain locks and slide bolts are attached to doors.

  • Keyless Entry

Keyless entry is one of the trending new ways to access and protect your house.

This smart lock prevents you from bringing keys and worrying where about losing them.

You can choose to have them key card-way or fingerprint.

  • Deadbolts

Deadbolts are the doorknobs installed on your doors.

They come in a wide range of kinds like single-cylinder and double-cylinder.

  • High-Security Cylinders

As evident in its name, high-security cylinders are the most secure locks you can find in traditional standard locks.

Door Accessories

For an added layer of security and style, install these accessories:

  • Stops and Sweeps

Installing door stops will prevent your door from hitting the wall.

  • Peepholes

Peepholes heighten the security levels of your house.

It prevents you from immediately opening your door.

With a peephole installed on your door, you can identify the people on the other side before opening it.

Speedy Locks in Markham

For any type of door locks service, Speedy Locks in Markham got you covered.

Call us now for inquiries.

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