What does it mean to rekey locks?

When talking about home or office security, one term you might come across is “rekeying.” But what exactly does it mean to rekey a lock, and why is it important? Let’s dive deep into the concept of what does it mean to rekey locks?

Understanding Rekeying

In essence, rekeying a lock means changing the internal components of a lock so that the old key no longer works and a new key is required. Instead of replacing the entire lock, only the inner mechanisms are altered. This process ensures that only a new key can operate the lock, rendering all old keys useless.

Detailed Table: What Does It Mean to Rekey Locks?

Term Description
Rekeying Changing the internal components of a lock.
Old Key The original key that operated the lock. Becomes obsolete after rekeying.
New Key A freshly cut key that operates the lock post-rekeying.
Lock Cylinder The component housing the pins; altered during rekeying.
Pins Small components inside the lock. Their arrangement is changed in the rekeying process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is rekeying a good idea?

Rekeying is a cost-effective way to enhance security. Instead of replacing an entire lock, only the internal components are changed, ensuring old keys can’t be used.

How often should I consider rekeying my locks?

It’s wise to rekey locks after moving into a new property, losing your keys, or if there’s been a security breach. For businesses, periodic rekeying can be found in our guide on how often a business in Markham should rekey its locks.

What’s the difference between rekeying and changing a lock?

While rekeying involves altering the inner mechanisms of a lock, changing a lock means replacing the entire lock unit. Learn more about lock change services here.

Can all locks be rekeyed?

Most locks can be rekeyed, but some high-security or damaged locks might need replacement. Consulting with a locksmith is always the best approach.


Rekeying is an essential aspect of maintaining security, providing an affordable alternative to changing locks entirely. Whether you’ve recently moved, lost a key, or just want to enhance security, rekeying is a valuable option. At Speedy Locks Markham, we’re here to help with all your lock and key needs. For more insights, check out our guide on why you should rekey your house. If you have questions or need services, don’t hesitate; contact us today.

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