How Often Should A Business In Markham Rekey Its Locks?

If you are running an office building, it is important to note that you have a lot of locks for your doors, as well as file cabinets, and other areas that store your valuables.

Each of these locks are accessed through the use of keys, and so there are keys that are often accessed by various employees as well as contractors in the company.

It is impossible if you have to change the locks every time someone is given access to the keys.

Moreover, rekeying the locks every time an employee leaves is costly and inefficient, especially for businesses that are large.

Hence, the question begs, how often should a business in Markham rekey its locks?


If you think that there are really no immediate risks to the offices, then it remains to be a good idea to rekey the locks at least with some level of consistency.

Taking caution is always recommended when it comes to your business as it can be possible for basic mistakes to turn into security threats that are serious.

It is recommended that you rekey your offices from six months to 2 years.

You can also base this decision on some of the factors, such as the turnover rate of the business, the level of ease when it comes to copying the keys, and the value of the items that are in the building.

If these factors present large security threats, then you should consider regular rekeying.

The security has been compromised.

One other factor that you should consider in terms of how often you should rekey the place is secure.

If you have suffered from a break-in or if you have lost your keys, rekeying is always a good way when it comes to securing the structure again without having to purchase new locks.

Cases of break-ins can be unsettling to both the management and the employees.

Hence, if the locks have been compromised, while rekeying may not be simply possible, it is an economical option if the locks are still working.


If the office has seen an upsurge in terms of layoffs, then rekeying is one possible way of securing the building from the old employees.

This is especially for those who may have been upset enough to not think properly.

Moreover, rekeying can offer a huge peace of mind to the management.

Sometimes, even those who are with good morals can still be upset if they are laid off from work.

This situation can also apply to a company that has had constant turnovers throughout the years.

If they can no longer trust that the ex-employee does not have a spare key, then rekeying is a good idea.

New Location

While a new building might be filled with new possibilities, it should also not give opportunities to burglars or criminals.

You should have the entire building rekeyed as a means of beginning anew without having to worry about the security of former workers, tenants, or other people who might have a spare key.

Having the locks rekeyed when moving into a new location will also provide the locksmith with an opportunity to inspect the existing hardware and ensure that it is reliable and working well.

However, if the locksmith feels that hardware is lacking in terms of the minimum standards, it can also be replaced at any time.

If you are moving your business, or are getting ready to make layoffs, or are having problems with security, then you should reach out to a locksmith immediately.

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How often should a business in Markham rekey its locks?

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