Tips To Avoid Losing Your Car Keys

Let’s face it: losing your car keys is a hassle no one wants to deal with. Not only can it cause stress and delay, but it can also be a costly inconvenience. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to avoid this situation. In this blog, we will discuss some effective tips to avoid losing your car keys.

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Highly Detailed Table About Tips To Avoid Losing Your Car Keys

Tip Description Extra Tool Required Cost
Designate a Spot Always place your keys in the same location. No $0
Use a Key Holder Utilize a magnetic or wall-mounted key holder. Yes $5+
Attach a Key Ring A larger key ring can be easier to spot. Yes $2+
Use a Key Tracker Attach a Bluetooth-enabled device to track your keys. Yes $25+
Duplicate Keys Keep spare keys at home or with someone you trust. Yes $20+
Regular Checks Make it a habit to pat down pockets before leaving any location. No $0
Label Keys Use different colored tags for different sets of keys. Yes $1+

Tips Expanded

Designate a Spot

Firstly, designate a specific spot for your keys. Whether it’s a hook by the door or a specific pocket in your bag, always putting them in the same place will create a habit and decrease the chances of misplacement.

Use a Key Holder

Secondly, a key holder can be very useful. They come in many varieties, including wall-mounted and magnetic types. Just make sure to put it in a spot you won’t forget.

Attach a Key Ring

Thirdly, attaching a large, vibrant key ring can make your keys more noticeable. It will be harder to overlook or forget them if they stand out visually.

Use a Key Tracker

Fourthly, consider using a Bluetooth-enabled key tracker. You can easily locate lost keys using an app on your smartphone, saving you both time and money. Check out our blog about why is my car key not working for more key-related concerns.

Duplicate Keys

Fifthly, always have a duplicate key. Whether it’s leaving a spare with a family member or hiding one in a secure location, duplicate keys can be lifesavers. Learn more about how to deal with lost keys.

Regular Checks

Sixthly, make it a habit to perform regular checks. Before leaving a location, pat your pockets to ensure you have your keys.

Label Keys

Lastly, labeling keys can also be helpful. Different colored tags or labels for various keys can help you easily identify them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Do if I’ve Already Lost My Car Keys?

If you’ve already lost your car keys, you can read our comprehensive guide on what to do now. Generally, you’ll need to either locate your spare, get a locksmith to make a new one, or contact your car’s manufacturer for a replacement.

Is It Expensive to Replace Lost Car Keys?

The cost can vary widely depending on your vehicle’s make and model. However, you can read about the most common door lock problems to get an idea of potential costs. Typically, modern key fobs are more expensive to replace than traditional keys.

Can I Use My Smartphone to Replace a Car Key?

Some modern vehicles do allow for smartphone apps to unlock and start the car. For more information on this technology, read our article about remote keyless systems explained.

How Can I Prevent My Kids From Misplacing The Car Keys?

To prevent your children from misplacing the keys, educate them on the importance of placing keys in designated areas. Also, consider using a key tracker for additional security.


In conclusion, losing your car keys doesn’t have to be a common or stressful event. By following these tips, you can avoid the inconvenience and cost associated with lost car keys. Furthermore, Speedy Locks Markham is always here to assist you with any locksmith-related issues. From lock change services in Markham to emergency locksmith services, we’ve got you covered. For any inquiries or services, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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