The Comprehensive Guide to Remote Keyless Systems

The concept of Remote Keyless Systems (RKS) has revolutionized how we think of access and security. From the moment you approach your vehicle or home, a remote keyless system can automatically unlock doors and deactivate alarms. But how does it work, what options are available, and what are the benefits and downsides? This blog aims to answer these questions and more.

Understanding Remote Keyless Systems

Remote Keyless Systems utilize radio frequency (RF) or infrared (IR) waves to transmit signals from a remote to a receiver. This receiver is usually embedded in a lock mechanism. A unique digital identity verifies the signal, allowing access only to authorized users.


  • Unlock/Lock: The primary function, remotely locking and unlocking doors.
  • Trunk Release: Opening your car’s trunk remotely.
  • Panic Button: Activating a loud alarm or horn.
  • Engine Start: Some systems offer remote engine start capabilities.

Highly Detailed Table About Remote Keyless Systems

Feature Description Security Level Convenience Level
Lock/Unlock Controls the lock mechanism Moderate High
Trunk Release Opens the trunk Low Moderate
Panic Button Activates an alarm High Low
Engine Start Starts the car’s engine remotely High Moderate
Proximity Sensing Auto-unlock when near High High

Types of Systems

There are primarily two types of systems:

  1. Key Fob Systems: These come as a separate device, usually with a set of physical keys.
  2. Smart Systems: Controlled through an app on your smartphone, these systems integrate other smart features like GPS tracking.

Why Choose Us?

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Service Areas

  • Residential Properties
  • Automotive Services
  • Commercial Establishments

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Pros and Cons of Remote Keyless Systems


  • Convenience: Easy to operate and saves time.
  • Enhanced Security: Harder to duplicate than traditional keys.


  • Cost: Initial setup and replacement can be expensive.
  • Battery: The system fails if the battery runs out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Remote Keyless System Secure?

Absolutely, a Remote Keyless System is highly secure due to its unique digital identification. They are generally more secure than traditional keys, which can be easily duplicated.

What Should I Do If My Remote Fails?

If your remote keyless system is not functioning, it could be due to several reasons like a dead battery or a malfunctioning car key. Consult a professional immediately.

Can I Install a Remote Keyless System in an Older Car?

Yes, you can install a remote keyless system in older cars. It’s essential to consult with experts for proper door security measures.

How Often Should I Replace the Batteries?

Battery life varies depending on usage. Typically, you should replace them every 2-3 years. A low battery may cause security issues in old properties.

In Conclusion

In summary, remote keyless systems offer a convenient and secure way to manage access to your car, home, or office. These systems come in various types, each with their pros and cons. Before you make a decision, it’s vital to consult professionals in the field.

For more information on how to secure your home or vehicle, don’t hesitate to contact us. Whether you’re dealing with lost keys or are interested in upgrading to a smarter lock system, we’re here to help.

Call us now to enjoy peace of mind with our reliable and efficient remote keyless systems.

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